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Auto Lifts


AMMCO® auto lifts come in a variety of styles and sizes, but all of our lifts are tested in accordance with the performance requirements of the Automotive Lift Institute’s ongoing quality and safety program. AMMCO® offers different models for all applications including 2-post lifts, 4-post lifts, in-ground lifts, heavy-duty lifts and specialty lifts including ATV and motorcycle lifts. With Ammco® you can count on the kind of field-tested dependability required for your shop's needs. Nothing beats the quality of AMMCO®

Auto Lifts

Baseline Auto Lifts

BaseLine by Coats auto lifts are rugged and durable for shops who demand high quality without the high price. It’s something we like to call premium value, where performance isn’t sacrificed by price.
Car Lifts

AMMCO Lifts Canada

We have a full line of AMMCO lifts with ETL/ALI certification. Click here to to visit our Canadian lift site.

2 Post Lifts

If most of your business is in passenger vehicles and light trucks, and space is at a premium, then the 2 post lifts can be your best choice. They offer easy access to the vehicle, and they provide a number of economical choices for capacities to 18,000 pounds.

4 Post Lifts

Our 4 post automotive lifts provide extra versatility, capacity and specialty operations. They offer easy access to all points of the vehicle, and they can be configured for specialty uses such as alignment.

In-Ground Lifts

If your shop has limited space, then our in-ground lifts are a perfect fit. The smaller footprint allows for more lift bays, creating a professional, showroom-style appearance with its open, aesthetically pleasing look. In-ground lifts can easily lift cars and light-weight trucks.

Heavy Duty Lifts

If you service large vehicles, then a heavy-duty lift can provide the needed capacity to reach this profitable market segment. Our heavy duty lifts have capacities up to 60,000 pounds. Our specialty lifts offer solutions to shops needing more specific functions, like portability to work on vehicles inside or outside. Our 6,000-pound-capacity mid-rise lift can be rolled around with its heavy-duty tow handle.

Motorcycle Lifts

If you service motorcycles or ATVs, our 1,000-, 1500-, and 2,000-pound-capacity motorcycle lifts have the features you need.