AMMCO® Brake Lathe 7500B Disc-only

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    Model 7500 Rotor Only Brake Lathe Less Adapters, 110V, 60Hz (Must be Purchased with a Bench Adapter Kit)

    The AMMCO® 7500B Disc-only Brake Lathe dramatically expands service capabilities for luxury, foreign and late model cars, but it has the heart of a classic.

    Complementary Machining

    The 7500B is a wish come true for brake technicians ramping up their business. The addition of this disc-only lathe allows for expanded service capabilities without the additional expenses of  drum-turning components.

     Key Features 

    • Quickly reconditions worn rotors to meet or exceed factory specifications for surface finish, runout and thickness variation.
    • Precision-crafted depth-of-cut dials can be calibrated in both thousandths of an inch and tenths of a millimeter.
    • Complements a drum lathe or combination lathe with extra-high-speed capacity.
    • Adds rotor service capacity without the cost of extra drum-turning components.
    • Same great design as our Model 4000B.


      Part Number 907500B
      Shipping Weight 337 lbs.
      Volume High
      Type Rotor Only
      Tool Bits (shipped with) Negative Rake
      Application Car & Light Truck
      Standard Max Arbor Capacity 100 lbs.
      Spindle Speed 100, 200 RPM
      Spindle Bearings Bronze Front / Roller Rear
      Rotor Feed Rate .002"/.010"/REV
      Rotors Yes
      Motor 1 HP
      Max Rotor Thickness 1.875"
      Max Rotor Face Width 3-3/4"
      Max Rotor Diameter 14.5"
      Max Drum Diameter No
      Max Drum Depth No
      Double Taper Arbor Yes
      Flywheel Service Capable No
      Drums No
      Drum Feed Rate No
      Heavy Duty Max Arbor Capacity 200 lbs