7900 Twin Cutter

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    with Independent Boring Bars - For Lg. Flange Hubbed Rotors & Flywheels

    For use mainly with 4000 and 4100 models for servicing both larger diameter and thicker rotors.  May also be used for some flywheel applications.

    The independant boring bars can be positioned to cut up to 4" thick rotors.  Diameters ranging from 6" to as much as 24" can be serviced on some lathe models with the 7900 and appropriate mounting adapters.

    The boring bars have built in inch & millimeter micrometers for depth of cut setting.  A chip sheild is included to aid in operator safety.  Safety glass should still be worn when using this tool.

    Part Number 907900
    Shipping Weight N/A
    Arbor Diameter Compatibility N/A