Brake Drum Micrometer (Inch)

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    Range: 6" To 16.125"

    Range: 6" To 16.125"

    The Ammco 8500 series Drum Micrometers are famous for their durability, just like our brake lathes.

    The 8500 series are off set to allow for measuring both on the bench or while the drum is still mounted on the lathe.

    All three models can be owner calibrated in the 9582 checking fixture sold seperately.

    The 8500 can be converted to a truck drum micrometer with the addition of an 8539 (908539) extension shaft.  This changes the rante to 6" - 26".

    Part Number 908500
    Shipping Weight 2.03 lbs.
    Arbor Diameter Compatibility N/A